Cannot send or receive text messages

I am having the same issue when strictly on Cell service. I have rebooted my phone several times without any luck. I have not been able to check for phone/system updates because of lack of wifi availability.

Hi @erikak.5zsdt4,

I’ve moved your post from a very old topic into a new topic of your own, to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Can you tell us what phone you have?

Is the phone able to send and receive calls? If you normally have a data plan, can it surf the internet?

Do the cellular strength icons have any special symbols on them you could describe for us?

I have also submit a help ticket. #1598107
I have a Moto G4 (it was a BYOphone).
I am in a rural area where I normally don’t have access to data. When I move/drive (60 miles away) to an area with data coverage, I’m able to send receive text messages.
I am able to send/receive phone calls.
The cell icon varies - 3G, R(roaming), nothing/normal “bars”
This has been happening for about two weeks. I usually have wifi access at home and work, so I don’t notice if I’m not receiving messages via cellular, but the last week, wifi at work has not been working.

Hi @erikak.5zsdt4,

You reference a ticket, so it might be better to focus there rather than try to have simultaneous conversations in multiple locations.

Having said that, cell data access is required for Republic’s text messaging to function properly. You do not pay for cell data used for text messaging, however, access is required. One thing to check is whether you have roaming data turned on. To do so:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap More
  3. Tap Cellular networks
  4. Verify Data roaming is toggled on

Please do not be concerned about the message presented that talks about potential charges. This is a default Android warning that does not apply to Republic’s service. You will not be charged extra for turning this on.

If that doesn’t work, I’m afraid options may be limited as while Republic allows for access to roaming data for text messaging at no additional charge, the owner of the cellular tower to which your phone is connected (a partner of one of Republic’s cellular partners) may not provide it. Roaming, by definition, is best effort with Republic unable to provide any guarantee of cellular service.

Hi @erikak.5zsdt4,

My apologies for the duplicate reply. You mention your G4 is a bring your own phone. Would you be kind enough to confirm the SIM type in the G4 for us. Here’s how: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help. That and a zip code (nothing more) might allow us to provide additional insight.


My phone currently has a GSM SIM (no data coverage in my area - ZIP 68601, Talk/Text only). The Republic Help has suggested a CDMA SIM (which looks to have data coverage in my area).

I was able to send text messages over cellular before. I would like to know what changed in the last couple weeks? Though, now that I think about it I was having issues with my text messages around Christmas time, but the symptoms were different…That’s a story for another time.

Also Talk/Text access (based on the GSM coverage map for my area) is misleading if Data access is required for sending SMS text messages as you mention above.

Hi @erikak.5zsdt4,

It looks like your issue was solved in your ticket with the CDMA SIM card you mentioned.

The question as to what changed recently will not be something we would have an answer to, other than to speculate. But please let us know if you have any issues with the CDMA SIM card.

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