Cannot sign up with GroupMe

Trying to sign up with GroupMe and getting errors confirming phone number. Contacted support and they say

Hi There,
We received your response.
Upon checking, Republic Wireless is a VOIP number, therefore you cannot use it to create a Groupme account since we no longer support it.
We suggest that you use a real mobile number that is acquired from a local telco provider.
Thank you your understanding and cooperation.

So, we don’t have “real” mobile numbers? Is there a phone setting I can change to get GroupMe to work? Anyone know why Microsoft wouldn’t “support” an RW phone number? Does it require special technology?

Moto X4, 1GB/month data plan

Hi Jeff, Welcome to the community. This is nothing more than a policy decision on the part of GroupMe. Unfortunately, nothing that can be done by Republic to resolve this. I suggest that you let GroupMe support know of your dissatisfaction. Perhaps if enough people do, they’re reconsider their policy.

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