Cannot stop Moto X pure edition from sending non-stop voice message notification


What phone do you have? Moto X pure edition

What plan are you on? unlimited talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data

Issue Description

My phone suddenly cannot work without wifi. Cannot send or receive calls, texts, or data over cellular for 2 days now. After reset the service with ##8647##. I got cellular LTE connection but I cannot stop the voice message notification or eliminate voicemail notification in status bar. Delete some of the messages not work for stopping the notification. It is very annoying. I saw online that this could be carrier issue. Could you please help to resolve this?

Thank you very much


It sounds like there are multiple issues going on with your phone.

Are you saying that the repeated voicemail notification is preventing your ability to operate the phone in cellular mode? Or are these two separate issues?
Does the repeated voicemail notification happen in both WiFi and cellular mode?

If you delete the voicemail, does the new notification take you back to the same voicemail or is it going back to other old voicemail?


Try this: Go to your dialer, dial 1 to get into your voice mail box, and then as each message starts to play press 7 to delete it. Repeat this until you have deleted all messages.


Hi Amitl,

Thanks for the prompt response. The notification suddenly stopped after going on for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know why it started and how it stopped.

To answer your questions, the repeated voicemail notification happened after dialing ##8647## and a restart of phone. It happened with wifi mode but I did not check cellular mode. I deleted voicemails that I did not listen but I did not check if the notifications took me back to the same one. I just let it ring in the background why deleting my messages. Hope it will not happened again.

Thank you very much



HI Billg

Thanks for the prompt response. The notification suddenly stopped after going on for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know why it started and how it stopped. I deleted a lot of messages that I did not listen but it did not seem to help at the time. Just hope that it will not come back.

Thank you very much



While the issue may be different, this sounds like what I have seen with upgrading people’s phones.

When I upgrade someone’s phone (such as my dad’s), the new phone will activate and connect up with Republic. It will start to load all the voicemails and when that happens, each voicemail dings the phone as it loads until all of them are done. If you have a lot of voicemails, it will go on for a while notifying you of a “new” voicemail.

In this case, the phone may have corrupted the cellular configuration and might have went through a “reactivation”. It may have pulled all the voicemails you have saved and the notification may have triggered for each. The good news is that this shouldn’t happen again.

Also good advise is to go though and clean out the voicemails at some point. If you wish to save them, you can connect the phone up to the computer via a audio cable and record them down onto a computer and clear them from the phone.


Thank you for sharing your experience and the solution. I think that it is what happened exactly. I have a lot of voice message saved. I will try to clean them up soon.




Good news, I didn’t realize but Republic Wireless has a way to save voicemails now!

You can see it here:


Wao, you are good. Thanks a lot!!!



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