Cannot text using Android or WhatsApp - republic wireless is deleting my questions and tickets

I can make calls using wifi at home and assume cellular.

Texts say they were not sent - press to send. Have done so several times.
Cannot receive texts via WhatsApp.
WhatsApp when I try to add a contact there is a red circle with a white dash in the center and it does not add to WhatsApp but adds to android phone contacts.
Red banner above previous calls record stating cannot connect to voicemail. But can press 1 and listen to old voicemail message.

I opened a ticket for this and it disappeared. Gone.

Oh - and BTW - I am in the middle of selling my house! Having a stupid phone that works the way it wants…again…is really not a good thing!!! The last time I was looking for work when it decided to freak out. On the edge of changing companies!!!

I am not familiar with WhatsApp…but we will need more info in order to try and help you here in the Community Forums.

What exact phone model do you have?

Some basic troubleshooting questions.
Is this issue happening on wifi or on cell network, or on both?
Do you have Mobile Data enabled and Roaming Data enabled?
Have your tried Refreshing the Republic Activation and rebooting the phone?

You can view your open tickets in your account portal.
Please do not open multiple tickets in regards to the same issue as this many significantly delay a response.

View your tickets here:

Also, Texting trouble shooting is here:

I assure you, Republic doesn’t delete or make tickets disappear. How did you open the ticket? From the phone? In the customer portal? Did you receive a confirmation email that a ticket had been opened, with a ticket number?

Hi @jamesr.83wkwq,

You can view your ticket by logging in here:

I’m not familiar with Whatsapp but it sounds like perhaps your phone does not have data connectivity. Is it connected to a Wi-Fi network?

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