Cannot turn on new phone..SIM card locked message

<!--- Answer the following questions, then tell us more about the problem you are havi **What phone do you have?** G7 power **What plan are you on?** 1g **Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?** all ---------- ## Issue Description Just bought a new G7 power. Input the sim, and turned on. Receive msg that SIM card is locked, and to cycle powering it on/off. Did several times, but, cannot get phone going.

Hi @celestia00,

What is the source of the SIM you are trying to use in the new phone? Is it a new SIM? Or, are you trying to move the SIM from your current phone?

If the latter, not all active SIMs move from one phone to the next. Details are linked here:

So, now, The RW app did update, but, I continue to get the Invalid SIM, or locked sim response. Then, it tells me the SIM was registered to another phone…(yes, my old phone), and that I need a new RW sim card.

Hi @celestia00,

As mentioned in my previous reply not all active SIMs may be moved from one phone to the next. Did you determine if the SIM is GSM or CDMA? Active GSM SIMs will move. Active CDMA SIMs will not?

Hi, In between our email, Carl was able to help me. And, yes, I have a CDMA, so I just ordered a new one. Thank you for taking time to respond!

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Hi @celestia00,

For other reading here, Carl is one of Republic’s Community Experts. The Community Expert program is detailed here:

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