Cannot update Republic Wireless app, despite persistent notification to do so


Starting this week I get persistent notifications to update the Republic Wireless app on my Moto E (1st gen) phone.
I cannot simply swipe to dismiss the notification, and when I click on the notification, it takes me to Google Play. But there is no update button (the only button present says “Installed”). It IS installed, but the version on my phone is version, whereas the version on Play is My Andoid version ins 4.4.4.
From within the app, when I click on the update link, I get a message from Google Play that says "We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on the server."
How can I either apply the update to the app, or stop (or more easily dismiss) the notifications?
My wife has a Mote E (2nd gen) with Android 5, and she also got the same notification, and the update was simple.

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We probably built the app with the expectation of the latest available version of the OS for the phone. Are you unable to upgrade the Moto E1st gen’s OS?


Thanks, but I am unwilling (and probably don’t have the space either) to update the OS.
But…, I realized that I had turned off the Play Store app. When I turned it back on, the Republic Wireless app updated without a hitch. So all seems fine now, and it shows the latest version.


Having the same problem with Moto X and none of the Google Apps are turned off.


If you do not have the same fix then the issue is different. Please start a new topic :post_topic: and give as much information as possible, so we can start to help. If we work on your issue in this post it will confuse all other readers who find this topic.

  • What phone do you have?
  • Are you able to upgrade any apps from the store?
  • Are you able to connect to the Internet?
  • Is anything else not working?
  • What version of the app are you on?

Closed all the open apps and there was no message this morning. Thanks for your help.

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