Can't activate my new phone

I bought a new Samsung A51 phone from Republic. They send it quickly, including sim card. Try to activate. No luck. I am told I have to create new account, new email and pay $20 plus and then I am sent new sim card. Sim card came today, I try to activate and see in red “Activation issues when moving an existing RV number to a…” Wonderful. Happy Holidays to the tech people at Republic.

I guess it must be Covid that is causing this issue? If this sounds sour, it is. I am very disappointed as I have paid through May 2022 for My Choice, and now another $20+ for the privilege of having an internet receiver. How can a company change over to a new system and not be prepared? How do I get my refund so I can move to another provider?



You should be issued the refund automatically, but to be sure I suggest that you go ahead and open a ticket with Republic support to request the refund.

If you are waiting on Republic for your number to move to the new phone, and the port is in fact in process, you will not be able to transfer your number to another carrier until the first transfer fully completes.

Thank you. So far help from Republic has been abysmal. I believe they are over their head with this switch to new carriers. Activation can’t be that difficult, can it? This is the second sim card I have received and I still can’t use my new phone. They ask for my previous provider account # and some pin #. I have been a Republic Wireless customer for over 4 years. They don’t post my account number on their bill (annual bill) and I have no clue what pin # they are talking about. Silly stuff, if you ask me.

Thanks for responding.


I agree that the guidance is not at all as clear as it should be. (I’m also sorry to learn that you were not advised that you did not have to wait for the new SIM card to arrive, but could have used the first one after you had placed the second order: How to Activate 5.0 SIM Cards That Were Bought On an Existing Legacy (Including My Choice) Account – Republic Help).

With respect to the confusing activation instructions, because they have not yet added “Republic” as an option in the carrier list, you can select any carrier.

Your account number is the 10-digit number (no dashes) of the phone line being moved to the new plans.

Your PIN is the one that you set in your online phone account (see here for instructions:

You’ll find the specific steps for activating a SIM card at the link here:

Be sure that you are signed in to the account that you created when you ordered the recent SIM card when activating (it won’t work if you are signed in to your “old” phone account).


You can only get a refund on your prepaid account, if you move to a RW 5.0 plan.

Thanks, but I did say I moved to RW 5.0 plan, but can’t get activated. Support continues to keep telling me to just follow the steps, but the steps are not working. When I call support the wait is well over 35 minutes and then I am told by the tech that he can’t hear me. I am using their (Republic) service to call them (using another phone) and they can’t hear me….sort of ironic. Meanwhile everyone else that I call or calls me hear me just fine.

I think this issue is not something the Community can address, as I believe Republic is not on top of their game at this point.


Ah, you are the first one to address my issues and I really appreciate this. I just looked at your response after looking at Republic’s help desk, which was zero helpful. So, thank you very much. I am going to try and see if your directions will work for me after I take my wife to the bank. So I may not get back to you for a few hours.

I do want to again thank you for your insight, as you are the only one who is trying to point me in the right direction. I hope I can send along some good news.

Happy New Year.


A quick update. I did all the steps and it failed to activate. It says I need to call Customer Care when I went through the entire process and hit the Activate button. No phone number listed to call and when I called tech support in the past, as I mentioned, I was told by two tech people they could not hear me.

This company stinks……I am down in Port St. Lucie and I get one bar….in a heavily populated area of the town (over by Mets Stadium). I don’t use the phone much and that is why I went with Republic, but this is not my idea of good service on either end.

Thanks for your help. I will look for some other carrier.

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I’ve been having the same exact problem the closest i had to any help that went anywhere was to type apt in the address line where you would put if you live in an apartment and a 1 in the number line got me further then the call customer care message but my phone is still not activated even though it said it would be with in a few minutes

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my favorite reply from the republic help people was waiting a few weeks while they resolve there bugs cause waiting a few weeks in this day of age with out a phone for work is a possibilty


Thank you, I suppose I should be glad I am not the only one with this issue, but it is quite sad that in today’s market place a company would rush through new technology or new service without a full run-through of making certain their stuff doesn’t break before the end of the sentence……

I sent in a ticket yesterday, got the old “I understand your frustration” and then nothing. I wrote two detailed emails of my issues and my helper is missing in action. Oh, boy.


Hi @coachschuder,

(I don’t want you to go take this step now, because our engineers are hard at work making it so that this step is not needed, and taking this step now could actually make things worse.)

You wrote that you got a message to call customer care.
Typically when we see that message it’s because the optional field for apartment, suite, unit, etc, and the optional field for unit number were left blank. Did you leave those fields blank?
If yes, that’s understandable. Why on earth would anyone fill them out if they are optional and you don’t have an apartment number?! I know, I know. I’m not asking to suggest you did something wrong. I’m asking to determine if that’s the issue you hit (and therefore it’ll soon be fixed) or if we have yet another problem to deal with.

Editing to add: Your help ticket has not yet received a reply from this afternoon’s updates you sent because our agents are seeing an extremely high ticket volume. It’s in the right queue and the team will get to it as quickly as they can, though until we get this next update from engineering that we are all eagerly awaiting, the ticket agents will not have a solution available for you.

Yes, I did not fill in those optional items and saw someone else in the community did try that, but didn’t get much further along in the activation process.

I appreciate your candor and nice email in trying to help out. I wish those in control over tech support were better at communicating. Perhaps the company has too many customers? or too many coding engineers….ha, ha.

Thank you for your clear explanation of the situation. I still have my old phone active (I am on the annual plan that runs until May, 2022) and I decided not to cancel that when I started having activation issues with the new phone. I am down in Florida and my family is in Delaware and MA and we need to stay connected as best as possible during this Covid situation.

So, I will change my mind, based on your nice email and wait a bit longer. I was on Net10, then Google and finally Republic and was happy with Republic until I decided to get the Samsung A51 phone. My wife is on Net10 as she has an iPhone, so if I have to shut down my old phone and still don’t have the new phone working, I am sure we can live with just one phone for a short time. Heck when I was young, we had an old black dial phone on a party line with a neighbor down the street….ha, ha.

Again, thank you for your very nice email and I hope this situation gets cleared pretty soon. Happy New Year!


Apologies for not replying to your earlier response to me before now. I see that you’ve gotten a very helpful and thoughtful response from Southpaw in the meantime, though.

Glad you’ve been able to find some useful information here.

It’s certainly a challenge to be patient under these circumstances!

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Yes and you have also been helpful and positive with your responses. I received another response from the help team and it was the same boiler plate response as previous emails. So I let her know that maybe her supervisors figure out that maybe some other approach such as was provided by southpaw is much better. Your continued support has also been much appreciated.


I know the feeling. My wife went from Republic to tracfone. She was going to come back to Republic. But wait, new system, so she would have to buy a new Sim card. But wait again, if she’s coming back, that means that I would have to BUY a new sim card. For the new plans. So, she went from tracfone to Mint


To be clear, there is no cost for the SIM card. What you are paying for in advance is the first month of service (with that month starting on the date you activate the SIM card in your phone).


Happy New Year. Still waiting and hoping I will get service and price correction on new phone. Some help seems to be doing better, but will wait until holiday weekend is done and see what develops next week. At least I have someone from Republic asking me the right questions, based on my issues. A good way to finish off the year. I am glad I did not cancel my old account prior to trying to switch over.

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Thanks for the update.

I have the A51 myself and while I had no issues with transferring my old sim from a Motorola to this phone, I’ve had other weird problems that I never had with any other phone or service, so don’t completely rule out that phone as part of the issue. For example, after I’d had it for several months with no problems, it then suddenly between January and February of last year quit giving me many of both my text messages and voicemails. An expert member here helped me fix it and told me this was some flaw in this model. Hopefully you solve your problem soon.