Can't answer incoming calls

What phone do you have? moto g 7 play

What plan are you on? 1 gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

My phone, along with my husband and 3 kids will no longer allow us to answer incoming calls on our own wifi. It rings just fine and we can pick up, but then there is nothing. People on the other end say they hear some weird clicking. It works sometimes to call out, but not always. We can still text and I still get my emails. It works on cell outside our work/home, but we are in steel buildings so the reception for cell doesn’t work. It seems to work on other wifis. We do have Spectrum.
I have tried the reset number ##8647## but that did not solve it. It is super frustrating as you can imagine as cellphones are the only ones we have.
I would say that this started in the last week.

I will add, I updated my router, and the the disable sip alg is on

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Hi and welcome back,

  • You have done an excellent job of narrowing the problem down, so to summarize:
    • You do not have a phone problem, as they appear to work over cell and WiFi provided by others (not Spectrum at your home)
    • I don’t feel that Spectrum provides the best of equipment and have had problems in the past that required them to replace the Spectrum/Charter Is My ISP, Why Can’t I Make Calls Over WiFi? … this problem took a lot of work on behalf of the member that 1st noticed it. Probably not what you are experiencing.
  • What I would recommend:
    • Complete the action outlined in Power Cycle Network - Quick Check 1
    • Post back the make/model of the router you have at home, so we can check to see if there is anything you need to adjust

Thanks for that information, did the update occur before the current problem, or was it done as part of your trouble shooting?

Netgear xr500 gaming router

I have power cycled-now my wifi won’t connect on my phone…

I updated during this troubleshooting

As I don’t have any experience on the xr500, you may want to continue troubleshooting on your own or possibly contact Netgear. I am assuming you just have the xr500 connected to the Spectrum modem?

Yes that is how it is connected.

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When you replaced the Spectrum router, did you work with their tech folks?

Your ISP might be rejecting the Ethernet MAC addresses of all but one of your
Many broadband ISPs restrict access by allowing traffic only from the MAC address of your broadband modem. Some ISPs additionally restrict access to the MAC address of a single computer connected to that modem. If your ISP does this, configure your router to “clone” or “spoof” the MAC address from the authorized computer.

I didn’t replace a spectrum router.

I updated my netgear router online, I power cycled. Then my Microsoft Windows had to troubleshoot on my computer to fix the IP address. Then it started working. No idea why it started working.

Si I am getting a bit confused with the timeline, if you could lay it out from start to present it might give a better idea of where we stand?

Last week-phone on MY wifi stopped answering calls and being able to make calls

Did all the things-power cycled modem, router, phone. did the reset number, check settings on phone.

Yesterday-wrote post because still a problem
Got into my netgear router and did the available update.
power cycled everything again
IP address wouldn’t connect. Microsoft Windows did a troubleshooting and fixed it (this was new, probably related to router update)

everything works now.


Thank you, and I have marked your update/summary as ‘Correct Answer’ which was appropriate as you did all the work. Hopefully, this will aid another fellow ‘member’ in the future.

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