Can't answer incoming phone call

When my Moto X 4 rings with an incoming call, the screen is blank. There is no telephone symbol to allow me to answer the phone. I tried to reset apps but that didn’t help.

Hi @louiser,

Did you try these steps:

I don’t see “phone/dialer” under notifications.

Hi @louiser,

For better or worse, the Help Center article I linked attempts to cover multiple phones. “Phone/Dialer” isn’t’ meant to be taken literally. The app you are looking for may simply be called “Phone”. Do you see an app called Phone? If not, you may first need to tap "See all xxx number of apps (where xxx is the total number of apps on your phone).

Got it. Show notifications is on. Phone is installed. Disable and Force stop are grey.

Hi @louiser,

I’m not clear from your reply whether you were able to solve the problem, or simply able to find the permissions listed in the article, but the problem persists.

You wrote that when there’s an incoming call,

Does this mean that when you have an incoming call, you hear your ringtone but nothing happens on the phone screen, or does it mean that you see an incoming call screen, but that incoming call screen does not include the telephone icon to allow you to answer?

When a call comes in, the phone screen is black although I can hear the ring.

Hi @louiser

Do you have a case on the phone?
If so, try removing it and see if you have the same problem. (This is testing to see if the proximity sensor is being blocked.)
There should also be a Moto Help app you can use to test the sensor. Here are instructions for that:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Took the case and ran the entire battery of tests. All the hardware is fine.

Just ran safe mode. Phone still black when a call comes in.

Here’s an article that may help:

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That fixed it. Thank you!!

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