Can't answer incoming WiFi calls. Interface gets stuck

On my 1st gen Moto X, when the phone rings while I’m connected to WiFi, the interface appears, offering the choice to swipe right to accept the call. When I swipe right, the round cursor moves over to the phone choice, and then jumps back to the center and the call does not connect.

The same thing happens with the notification tab. I press the “answer” option, and nothing happens, the call does not connect.
It only recently started doing this in the last couple days. (I’m not sure exactly when because my call history marks those as green arrow completed calls.)

Hi @michaels.hg1x8x

This is a new one for me. Might I suggest the Clearing the Cache procedure?. This may rectify the issue and is something that I do routinely to keep my phone(s) running smoothly.

You could also trying running your phone in Safe Mode to help determine if you have an app that is misbehaving.

Let us know if either suggestion helps, thanks.

Clearing the cache did not immediately fix the issue.

But it started working again upon booting into safe mode and continued to work fine when I did a regular reboot.

I had tried a regular reboot earlier without success, so maybe rebooting after clearing the cache did it?
In any case, it’s working now. Thank you very much for the help!

Great to hear, and thanks for the feedback @michaels.hg1x8x .

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