Cant answer phone calls?

Moto X (whatever the latest edition is)
it runs Oreo
I pay about 20 a month for text, voice, internet 1gb

My phone will ring and there is no way to answer it. Sometimes it just shows the “recent calls” screen, sometimes it show the recent call screen with a green and red button at the top, pushing the button does not answer the phone.

I don’t use the phone much for anything but reading books and texting but now I need to make a call and can’t.
I hate this phone but as long as I have it I think I ought to be able to use the phone.

Is there a way for me to save all the numbers in my phone book and then reset the phone. I do need the numbers if I ever have to call in sick to work or for texting.
I wont buy another Moto X, I hate it. It has not been useful to me since the Oreo update.

Anyway, how can I get the phone to work, Please.

Sorry, it is a Moto X 4
so it is not the latest

Let’s see if something less drastic than a factory reset sorts this:

Regarding your Moto X4; it is the most recent generation of the Moto X. Also, if fully updated, a Moto X4 would be running Android 9 Pie rather than Oreo. Are you certain your X4 is still running Android 8 Oreo?

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