Can't answer phone calls

What phone do you have?
Motorola X Gen 1

What plan are you on?
Republic Refund Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
512 M Data plus talk and text

Issue Description

I can get calls, but it won’t allow me to answer. I get the incoming call, with hang up (left side, red phone), answer (right side, green phone) and a new option - text (Top, text). I can hang up, or text, but answer just doesn’t do anything.

This is a new problem that popped up a couple of days ago. The first time it happened, I rebooted, but it’s still broken. I don’t see anything obvious in the recent app updates.

Any suggestions?

Hi @robertw.memoja

It’s been a long time since I had my Moto X so I’m going by memory here… :wink:

When you get a call it has a ring notification in the center that you press and slide to the green phone icon right? You’re able to slide it to hangup (red phone) and to the text icon, but sliding it to the green phone does nothing?

Is this the only function you notice not working?

Let’s start with a clearing of the system cache and see if that helps:

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