Can't attach photos to text messages

Phone is a Moto G Power 2021 on CDMA Sim
Just transferred number and data over from E4 Moto
My Choice + 1G

All the photos on the phone backed up to Google, no worries there. They are visible in Photos on the new phone. I stuck with RA for the SMS app as my spouse is resistant to change in technology! I was going to switch her to the stock moto app but in the process of backup/restore it loaded the Anywhere app so I just let it slide.
Anyhow, now Anywhere won’t attach any photos from the library to a text message. It takes you through a 4 click process and allows you to select one from photos whereupon it puts a blank blue icon next to the sms and only sends the text. I can send photos taken on the new phone, just nothing from the old.

I am assuming it will only send stuff stored locally? Is that the issue? Or is there a permissions thing going on?

Hi Jim,

Could you tell us step by step how you’re trying to attach a photo that is stored in the cloud to a text message by Republic Anywhere? I’m having trouble trying to replicate what you’re experiencing.

I was using the standard gallery selection on the bottom of the text creation window. Instead of showing me the photos (since there were none on the new phone) it gave me the option to select a photo from another app. When I selected the google photo app, it let me browse the photos in it, but did not let me attach one. Carl H took this over as a help ticket and confirmed my suspicion that Anywhere would only attach local photos. He has pointed me towards an app on the Play Store that will allow me to download local copies of the photos stored at google from the previous phone. I will try it tonight and report back both places.
Thank you for looking at this!


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