Can't back up to Google Photos

What phone do you have?
Google Pixel 4a
What plan are you on?
1GB + talk + text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
data, too

Issue Description

I have until yesterday been able to upload photos from my phone to Google Photos, but now I can’t. When I try one photo of about 6MB size I can see the green bar go from left to right as if it will upload; however, it freezes just before finishing. I’ve waited all night, and it’s still the same result.
My google storage shows just 7.4GB used (43%) out of a 17GB allocation.
Backup is on.
Photos & videos are synced with Google Photos.
I have backup using mobile data turned off.

Hi @williamc.bbrjmo,

Is it just that one photo that won’t back up?

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