Can't Browse Web Over Cellular when in Range of "Bogus" Wi-Fi Networks

I’m still on Republic Wireless’s 1.0 plan, which I’m using with a 1st-gen Moto X. It’s sometimes the case that when I’m out and about, I try to surf the Web on my phone (say, to check pricing on items I’m considering buying, etc.). It’s all too often the case that I get an error message saying that I’m not connected to the Internet even though I have a darned good cellular signal. I’m often within range of Wi-Fi networks at the time, but they’re generally either secure networks that require passwords I don’t have, or they’re what I consider “bogus” Wi-Fi networks–i.e., a Comcast or Verizon router that doesn’t seem to require a password, but that would require verification (that I can’t provide) before a connection is possible.

My phone seems to be unwilling to connect over cellular if I’m in range of such Wi-Fi networks, even though those networks aren’t really available to me. When I want to surf the Web in those cases, my only option seems to be to go into my phone’s settings and temporarily turn off Wi-Fi capabilities, then turn them back on when I’m done with my Web surfing.

Given how good Republic Wireless is supposed to be at handing a phone call over from Wi-Fi to cellular and back, it seem odd that it can’t do the same to access the Internet. Is there something I can do, set, or refresh on my phone that will enable it to automatically connect to the Web over cellular if it isn’t already connected to a confirmed, legit, Wi-Fi network that I can actually use?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I don’t have one of the legacy models to check but if I remember correctly there were setting in both Settings, WiFi and in the Republic app’s settings to disable automatically connecting to “open” WiFi networks.

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