Can't call, can't hang up

What phone do you have?

Moto E4 Plus, Android v 7.1.1

What plan are you on?

My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Just T&T

Issue Description

I can’t make any calls to any phone on wifi or cell. Just started happening this afternoon. I’d already made several calls successfully. Then I tried another. I call a number and it blinks forever: “Calling via Republic Network”. It never dials. When I click hangup, it blinks forever: “Hanging up” and never hangs up. I have to restart the phone after every attempt.

If I turn off wifi, it fails with the message “cellular network not available for voice calls.” My wife’s iPhone can make calls, so I know it’s not our wifi or cell location. I’ve tried calling multiple numbers over two different wifi networks. Note that I can receive calls and send texts withouot any problem.

Not being able to make any calls at all is, as you might imagine, extremely frustrating. Any idea at all how to get simple phone calls working again?

Hi @rickc.ept1yp and welcome to the Member Community. Let’s start by Refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation.

Let us know if this helps.

Hi @rickc.ept1yp,

If you’re still experiencing this issue, I’d like to ask you to try something that’s not in our Help Center at this time.

If it’s enabled, please disable Spam Call Blocking in the Republic app. Then reboot the phone. Once you’ve done both, see if calling is resolved.

Our developers spend the weekend working on resolving a bug in the app, and have released an update that includes a fix, but it won’t be immediately available to everyone, and so in the interim, disabling the Spam Call Blocking feature and rebooting the phone, is the temporary workaround.


Just to let you know that I am very recently experiencing the exact same problem. In the recent past (last year or so), all of my issues with RW have stemmed from either weak cellular service or weak Wi-Fi service. I encourage you to turn on notifications for the RW app and install a log display app (such as “Notification Log”) to see the insane flopping around that the RW app does when the cell signal, or Wi-Fi signal, is weak. Also note that difficulties receiving calls can result from Android doze mode, which is discussed at length in other threads. Combine these two issues and the RW app trips over its many latent edge-case bugs all the live-long day.

The problem magically went away after a few hours of trying various things: reinstalling the Repubic app, restarting about a dozen times. calling from and to other phones. Southpaw’s recommendation makes the most sense. If this happens again–it has happened for shorter periods in the past–I’ll give that a shot.

Now if I can only get the phone to actually ring when I get a call. ((sigh))

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