Can't call out - help, please!

What phone do you have?
Moto G4
What plan are you on? Call and text and 1G data - I think …

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

When I try to make an outgoing call, I get a recording “Thank you for calling Republic Wireless … have a great day” and I’m disconnected - WHAT’S GOING ON??? NOT having a great day, SO not having a great day, and it’s just 8 a.m. - and I’m not getting a response from your Help desk. Really - WTH is going on???

Welcome to the community. This is generally the result of a payment issue. If you look here do you see a notification of a past due payment?

Thank you. That does seem to be the problem, but I don’t know why - the bank is processing my Automatic Withdrawals, but I can’t call them to find out what’s up because, well, I can’t call anybody. Sigh - this is a pain. Grrr …

Hi @valerief.bodkbb,

Your Help ticket has a reply awaiting you, since 9:54 a.m. ET. You can see it by logging in at

We can unsuspend the phone so you can use it to call the bank and get this taken care of. I’ll add a comment for the agent in your ticket, but I’d also like you to follow up there so we know that you are able to see the replies and interact with the Help team there.

That will work for me. How will I know if I’ve been unsuspended? Crikey, this blows, thanks for your help.

If you’ll reply in the ticket and then keep an eye on it there, the agents will reply there once they’ve taken action to unsuspend the account. That’s why I want to be sure you can access the ticket. It seems you may not be receiving E-mail from us on your account E-mail address, if you’re not seeing replies to the ticket and did not receive any of the payment issue warning E-mails.

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