Can't call the specialist from BOA App

When I was trying to call a bank specialist from boa app. RW said “Dia Number is not allowed” but the number is 10 digits.
Does anyone know the solution?


It may be a formatting issue. The number shown in the app is delineated with periods. Have you simply tried dialing the number without using the BofA app (eight zero zero nine three three six two six two).

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Hi @seanl.fy9x1w

Sorry to say that at this time, Republic Wireless is unable to handle complex numbers with pauses and holds in the number itself.

It is a feature that allows you to auto dial though a menu such as wait for a few seconds, then dial 2, wait then dial 23. BoA attempts to take advantage of that to direct dial you to a specialist but sadly we’re not able to use that function.

You can always route yourself though the main number of Bank of America, the number on the back of the card, or if you are a preferred rewards member, you can use the rewards line (888.888.RWDS 888 - 888 - 7937)


Thank you so much.

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