Can't change plan through RW App while abroad

Hi! I’m on Moto G1, RW 1.0 talk+text plan.
I’m currently traveling in Russia and would like to switch my plan to WiFi only. But when I attempt to do so through RW App on my phone it gives me ERR_CONNECTION_RESET page. I suspect this is due to Russian ISPs blocking some Google/Amazon subnetworks in an ongoing war against Telegram messenger. I can login to my RW account via my laptop, but there’s no option to change plan, only to change number, etc. Is there any other way to change my plan to WiFi only? Thanks!

Issue Description

Unofficial way to do it on the web for the legacy phones:


Hi @alex,

Our support staff can change your plan at your request. If you’ll open a ticket and let them know you’re unable to do so from your phone, they’ll be glad to take care of that for you.


Thanks guys! I was able to change the plan to WiFi-only via the link above using TunnelBear VPN service on my laptop.

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