Cant Change Plan?

Hi, so I’ve been trying to change my plan for a while and I think i’ve figured out the problem.

See, my phone plan was originally purchased by my dad, and so I guess he’s the account owner. However, I’m now pretty financially independent, and I’d like to be able to choose (and pay for) my plan on my own. But I can’t take any actions with my plan because my account is not the Owner. Is there anything I can do to change this?

If it matters, I’m on a 2nd gen Moto E

Hi @richm.ttnq10,

You’ve correctly diagnosed the situation, however, there is nothing you might do on your own to change it. If your phone is the only one linked to the account; your dad can simply provide the account credentials, which you may then edit for your own use.

If there are other phones on the account, please ask your dad to raise a help ticket here, asking to have your line of service split to its own account.

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