Can't connect from Europe


I cannot make calls from Europe to US. I’ve been with republic for years. I never had this problem when I had Moto G and Moto X. But with this Moto X pure edition, I can’t make calls to US. There’s WiFi, there’s internet. I can even watch you tube and Filipino channels but can’t make calls. Republic Lso showed “Buy SIM”. Why is this happening?


Did you remove the SIM? It sounds like the phone isn’t reading it.


Hi @evelynd,

Is the Republic SIM resident in your Moto X Pure when this is happening? I ask because you mention the Republic app suggesting you buy a SIM. This, in turn, suggests your phone isn’t reading its SIM.

If the Republic SIM isn’t in the phone, please put it back. If it’s already there, please power down the phone, remove and reinsert the SIM, then power the phone back up. Is your phone still suggesting that you buy a SIM?


If you are experiencing what I experienced a few months back, try restarting your phone a few times…sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Again, if your experience mirrors mine, it will come to a message, let’s get you activated…and then after it is done with the activation it may prompt you to restart to complete activation…don’t restart…as that will put you back to the “No SIM card” message. If it goes through the initial activation, then it will restore your ability to make calls over WiFi.

Also, submit a help ticket to log this issue with RW support.


I have Republic SIM with 32G