Can't connect to Miami International airports free Wi-Fi


I am not able to connect to Miami International Airport free Wi-Fi. I just got this new Moto X4 and I’m wondering if there is a toggle or a but now I have to turn on. I’m able to find and connect to other public Wi-Fi like Wendy’s Starbucks Publix but just not the wi-fi at the Miami International Airport. Anything I have to do?


From what I read at , the free WiFi is only available to connect to select travel web sites.


Thank you, yes when you do tap or go to the link you sent me there’s a highlighted space says MIA WiFi portal, and when you click that, it opens up a page that says free Wi-Fi or 1 hour or 5 hours Etc. My phone won’t even show Mia Wi-Fi under Wi-Fi hotspots available, but it does show like I said Wendy’s Starbucks Etc


Interesting. I would walk to one of the customer service desks and ask for help.


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