Can't connect to my hone Wi-Fi router

I see some sort of update took place… cannot connect to wi-fi, the phone does not recognize or have my modem listed… I reentered the info and WPS password info to no avail… can’t find safe mode on my MotoX 1st gen.
Am working off my wi-fi tablet and will try the phone in the morning.

Hi @lauram.u2nyed

Any luck resolving this issue?.

Have you tried recycling your router/phone…(off/on)?. When you hold the power button on the X1 the “POWER OFF” should pop-up, Press and Hold that and it should give the option to “Restart in Safe Mode”.

Yes, I finally figured out how to access safe mode. I have rebooted several times this morning. Still no connection from the MotoX to router. (My laptop wireless connection is fine) Message “Republic connected wifi to radio” keeps popping up on the phone…do not know what that means to me. Still not recognizing my home router, nor can I see my router in the drop down selection for nearby routers… Even though I reentered the router name and password a couple of times my phone does not ‘remember’ the router info, thus no connection.

If you go to the wifi settings is WiFi off and then turns itself back off if you try to turn it on?

Yes, several times tried to switch on the wi-fi, it keeps setting itself to the off position.

This is nearly a 100% sign that the wifi radio on your phone has died. This is a very common failure for the Moto X1 and isn’t recoverable.

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