Can't connect to zoom meetings with dial in

The problem is pretty obvious. When connecting to a zoom meeting using “Dial in” the zoom app gives a list of phone numbers to use. All of these phone numbers include the “1” prefix. Zoom doesn’t seem to give me a way to edit the number to delete the 1, but Republic won’t allow me to call a number with the “1” prefix. I get the error “Dialed number not allowed”


Hi @screamindean and welcome to the Community!

My understanding is the reason for Zoom’s dial-in numbers is so one can join the meeting (audio only) without using the app. Presuming that’s the case, you’re using your phone’s Phone app not Zoom’s app to dial in, correct?

Republic does require 10-digit (area code + phone number) dialing, however, 11-digit (1 + area code + phone number) dialing works for me. What happens if you dial the number manually using your phone’s Phone app with or without the leading 1?

If that still fails, may we know the brand, model and generation of your Republic phone, please?


I want to add a little more detail to @screamindean’s original message above. One way to connect to a Zoom call via telephone is to click on the One Tap Mobile link in a meeting invitation. The format for the link is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■1111111111# where the first set of numbers is the phone number and the second set is the meeting number. When I click on the link to login to the call from my phone, I receive a Republic Wireless message on my screen which states “Dialed number not allowed.” It would be very convenient to be able to click on the link and connect to the Zoom call audio rather than having to type in the phone and meeting numbers manually. Is there any work around for this? Please let me know.

Hi @margaretp and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid what you propose is not possible at this time with a Republic activated phone. The dialer (Phone app) on a Republic phone is limited to calling 10-digit (area code + phone number) and, in my experience, 11-digit (1 + area code + phone number). Republic doesn’t support formats other than this.

That Republic support the waits and pauses required for what you propose to work is a reasonably frequent request. I’m not a developer, so have no idea the work that would be required for waits and pauses to work, however, to date said work hasn’t happened.

Thank you RolandH

I’m actually trying to use the dial-in option of the zoom app. When I open the link to my meeting, zoom asks if I want to “Dial in” or “Call over Internet”. I’m not trying to use a separate app to make the call. However at your suggestion I did try just dialing in with the phone app. That did work even when I included the “1” prefix. It was a pain because I had to dial the number, punch in the meeting ID, my participant ID, and the meeting passcode. I believe using the zoom app takes care of most of that.

On the other hand that probably better explains the issue. My guess is the zoom app is including some of these entries with the phone number, which is annoying the republic network.

Hi @screamindean,

Please correct me if I’ve got it wrong, however, I believe attempting to dial-in using the link in Zoom’s app invokes the phone’s dialer (Phone app). Is there a reason you wish to “Dial in” as opposed to “Call over Internet”, which, if I remember correctly, keeps the call within Zoom’s app. Are you wanting to avoid using cell data? Are you trying to avoid video?

I believe you are correct and as it stands this isn’t going to work with a Republic phone.

I can’t speak for @screamindean but I nearly always choose the dial-in option. This ensures that even if my data connections gets shaky (cellular or wifi) I can at least still clearly hear the call audio even if the video/presentation aren’t visible.

Hello rolandh,
The main reason is that some of the areas I walk in have fairly poor internet service. Oftentimes all I need is voice, which comes through with much better quality using plain cell service in those areas.


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