Can't control data usage


I have a Moto x 2nd gen on the 2.0 plan. I purchase a half a gig of data and the first six months or so I would get a refund and now after the first week of my service I get a notice that I’ve used all my data and I only use the internet at work on the wifi and at home on the wifi. Something is using up my data without my knowledge and I don’t know how to fix it. I have made sure that data saver is on.


Go to settings, and find cell data. Pressing it will list out the apps that are consuming your cell data. Find the culprit(s) and address via settings or deleting app(s).


to control data in a legacy phone this should be done in the Republic app

note due the how fast roaming eats though data I recommend turning it off until need (this is also done in the Republic app)