Can't dial GSM Calls in Europe. Text msgs and incoming GSM calls working well | Moto X (1st gen) 5.1 Lollipop


I’m living in the Ukraine (Eastern Europe). Few weeks ago i bought moto X (1st gen) via internet as unlocked. But was very disappointed as soon as it arrive - it was xt1049 in xt1056 body, that isn’t officially unlockable. It came with android 5.1 Lollipop update that makes rooting impossible.

After some manipulations w/ baseband f/w i get a GSM-signal and connected my phone to local gsm-operator named Kyivstar. Now i can receive incoming dials, sms and use mobile internet. But i still can’t dial any number because Republic Wireless utility blocks my outcoming dials each time i trying to dial somebody. It says:

Republic Wireless

This phone isn’t configured to make calls. Do you want to charge this phone’s plan?

Cancel / Change Plan

But i can’t become your customer for obvious reasons. So i have no other choise than to ask you assist with configuring my phone settings to make gsm-dials over the europe gsm-operators.

moto x 1st gen / xt1049 /

Can you help me with bootloader unlock or get root or give link to 5.1 official Republic Wireless ROM at least ?

Update 2017/01/04: Now phone xt1049 RW is fully operational, rooted and gsm-unlocked.

Thanx to S5610_best from 4pda community.

Hi @andrewk.l51lzx,

I’m very sorry to say that neither Republic or Motorola will assist with unlocking the bootloader nor will either supply ROM images. Republic’s official word is here: Republic Wireless Phones FAQs. Quoting:

“Are Republic phones locked or unlocked?

On February 11, 2015, CTIA - The Wireless Association’s standards for the unlocking of mobile devices became effective. CTIA - The Wireless Association designed these standards to give customers of wireless service providers greater freedom - which Republic Wireless certainly endorses. These new standards explain that “unlocking” a device refers only to disabling software that would prevent someone from attempting to activate a device designed for one carrier’s network on another carrier’s network, even if that network isn’t technologically compatible. In other words, “unlocking” a device will not necessarily make a device interoperable with other networks.

With that understanding, we do not “lock” any of our phones. However, the nature of our unique software that powers Republic Wireless is not technologically compatible with other carriers. We have explored - and will continue to explore - a way for Republic Wireless members to take their device to another carrier. Unfortunately, this is not easy and will require close coordination with both our equipment manufacturer and other carriers. At this time, we do not have any way to forecast when this will be possible.

In the meantime, we will never attempt to make any Republic Wireless member hostage to Republic Wireless. We never have…and we never will. If you have more interest in this topic, the FCC has a helpful FAQ page: Cell Phone Unlocking FAQs | Federal Communications Commission."

Thank you for quick response. I understand you. Forget the “unlocking” word. “GSM Unlock” itself has already taken place. Anyway i need solution with disabling built-in RW-dialer that intercepts my dial attempts. Have you any ideas?

To add to what @rolandh said, I would recommend you ask the seller about a return because they sold you the wrong product.

Thank you, but i asked how to disable built-in RW software not about refund =) Refund isn’t the theme that i can’t handle with.

Have you any ideas about default android calls reenabling?


RW hybrid rom can’t be removed. It’s built in and meshed with Android and Motorola to run on the RW system not GSM. The phone is suppose to be CDMA not used much in europe. Buy another phone or use the phone on Wifi only.

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Hi @andrewk.l51lzx,

First the phone itself is not GSM per se. Rather it’s CDMA intended to be used in the U.S. The phone indeed has a GSM radio meant to be used for access to 4G LTE cell data, again in the U.S. No doubt it supports some (perhaps all) of the required GSM frequencies for Ukraine.

I appreciate the dilemma, however, Republic’s software is part of the system image or ROM itself. One can uninstall updates but I know of no way to remove the software short of root. Root, in turn, requires unlocking the bootloader. There is no official means of doing so. As I said in my initial reply, neither Republic or Motorola will help with that. Furthermore as you observe, I know of no exploit for unlocking the bootloader on a Moto X running Lollipop.

If despite all of that you’re determined, I’d ask here: Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches & Android App Development - XDA Forums.

@andrewk.l51lzx, I will tell what no one else has told you in simple, direct terms. What you want cannot happen with that phone. It simply isn’t possible with the support of Motorola or Republic. As @rolandh correctly pointed out, the Android ROM in that phone is integrated with Republic’s proprietary code. You are highly unlikely to get the support of either Republic Wireless, nor Motorola. The person who sold that phone may not have been aware that it contained an integrated ROM. Having now rooted the phone, you’re stuck with it. Wish I had better news for you.

As you are in Europe, why would you buy a CDMA based phone? I think I know. but would rather ask you.

May be because Moto X isn’t only CDMA phone? All the Moto X variants supports quad gsm bands also.

I suggested talking to the seller of the phone because what you are wanting to do isn’t possible.

I have some progress. RW utilities disabled via adb commands. Some of Sprint’s utilites disabled too. Still can’t do outcoming calls but it’s no more promting to register RW account each time i entering dialer.

Looking for assistance with replacing standart dialer-apk RW with any GSM-operator dialer without root. Any info about apk names, associated with dialer, would be useful.

P.S. I remind those who told that GSM will not work on this phone because it is CDMA - incoming GSM calls works well already so you are wrong.

Hi Andrew,

The dialer is a system-level app that was modified to work with the other changes in the custom hybrid wifi/cell ROM that your phone uses. Yes, you would need to change it in order to dial numbers outside of North America.

However it is not possible to do so with any Android version after 4.4.4 because the Android upgrades lock the bootloader in a way that has so far not been cracked and Motorola doesn’t offer unlock codes for this phone. So there is currently no way to install a different dialer app.

P.S. My XT1049 came with an XT1056 label on the back cover too.

@andrewk.l51lzx here is an article that just came out. This article addresses some of the topics being discussed in this thread. I have not tried any of these customizations and I will NOT be trying them, but I thought maybe you and some of the participants of this discussion might benefit from the information presented:

How to Install a Custom ROM on Your Android Device

Given where Andrew is in the process, he’s well beyond the basic how to install article… In addition, fhe fact that the bootloader on the phone is locked precludes any of the advice in the article from being relevant…

Andrew, might I suggest that this discussion is a better fit for XDA than it is for the Republic forums?

@louisdi, I put this out there for people who might be interested in what this thread was about. I, too, realize that Andrew is well beyond these processes. But others might want a better understanding of terms and processes that are mentioned.

Hello everyone. Now it works well. Works everything but wi-fi. GSM-Dials, texts, mobile data.

Thank you for updating the Community with this info.

What did you do to get it working?

I wanted to ask that too but the events described here were so bizarre I concluded the OP was just having fun with us.

I flashed it with custom firmware. It can not be flashed with standart method so i asked for help in the 4pda resource (russian speaking developers community). There are peoples named as crash}{ and S5610 (also they are well known members at xda-dev motorola community) that helped to reflash device via qualcomm service mode. Google for “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” if interested in details.* There is some possibility to get bricked phone** in result but i have not found other variants.*

Custom firmware was maid for my xt1049 RW by the S5610_best (4pda user, great thanks for him) and there are still work in progress for wi-fi activation. Firmware was flashed over the lolipop 5.1 RW with last OTA (november 2016).

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