Can't download Anywhere app

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

I just got my repaired/replaced Moto G6 back from Motorola. Tried to download the Anywhere app, which I had been using, but was unable to. Can you help?

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Hi @georgeb.afpn4l,

The Anywhere app was removed from the Google Play Store by Google late yesterday. Our developers are working to have it restored to the store.


Thanks for your response.

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Did google give any specific reason why it was removed?

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I believe Google made a made a minor change in Google Play store requirements to weed out dead and abandon apps.

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I don’t suppose you could make the APK available to download outside of the play store until it gets resolved?


Hi @Majorninth,

Specific, no. That would be far too easy to resolve! There have been some generalities around updated app permissions requirements, and as an app user, I have to think that’s a good thing. All those flashlight apps skimming users’ contacts are a bit worrisome.

It seems that one point of confusion is that the Play Store’s rules around app permissions do not take into account that a single app could be used for both an Android phone that is subscribed to cell service (and therefore has a legitimate reason to have certain permissions) as well as a tablet or non-subscribed phone.

Our developers continue to work on reinstatement and did get a helpful response from Google yesterday, so I’m optimistic that the solution is not too far beyond our reach.

Thanks for your patience here, everyone.

Republic Anywhere is now back in the Google Play Store.


Here’s a direct link to app in the Play Store…


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