Can't draw pattern to unlock phone b/c screen is unresponsive to touch

What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

My phone screen is completely unresponsive to touch. Upon restart (after charging all night), I can’t draw my pattern and get Android to start. Would love help with bypassing the screenlock OR getting the screen to respond to touch.


  • The screen cracked maybe a year ago, but the problem was only cosmetic.
  • About 10 days ago, it started to be less responsive to touch in the cracked area. (Workaround: press harder or rotate the phone.)
  • Three to four days ago, the entire screen became unresponsive to touch. (Workaround: lock then unlock the screen (via fingerprint).)
  • Two days ago, the window of time during which the screen was responsive to touch started shrinking to less than a minute.

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. You’re right, I should have started fixing the problem or replacing the phone before now. Everything is wacky when you’re homeschooling during quarantine.

Hello @lanya

Under the circumstances I would remove the security set-up so you don’t have to fuss with a pin or pattern unlock till you get the screen fixed.

Hi @lanya,

Do you have a USB mouse?
This is the only way I know around a screen that is no longer responding to touch, but still seems to work otherwise. Recovering Data Off a Broken Screen Moto X First Gen

Unfortunately all the adapters I bought to be able to send to members in need are in the office, and I’m not. If you can’t get one quickly locally or on Amazon, I can put my personal one in the mail to you tomorrow, but just know it’s not new. DM me your address if you need me to do that.

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Hi @southpaw!

What a thoughtful offer, thanks! And very promising.

I do have a USB mouse. I’m asking my friends most likely to have a USB OTG adapter that I can borrow. Hope to have an answer by tomorrow morning, in time for you to get something in the mail to me, if necessary.

Thanks again!

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Hi @SuperT,

Thanks for your response.

How I wish I could get past the start-up security in order to change the settings and remove the start-up security! Can’t though.

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