Can't enable USB MTP on Moto X Pure

Several people have reported that they can’t access the Moto X Pure file system from their PC when connected by USB. In the two discussions I viewed they were able to fix this by swiping down and switching from “charge only” to “file transfer (MTP)” for USB mode. I can’t find that option on my phone. When I did a more general search on the internet I saw an option for enabling “Developer Options” which has USB settings for “charge only”, “media transport protocol” (MTP for file transfer) and several other options. I have the MTP option selected, but my PC still doesn’t recognize my phone as a device when I have it connected by USB and the phone behaves as if the setting is “charge only.” The only way I’ve been able to move files is using Bluetooth, which is slow.

Otherwise my Moto X Pure has worked fine with RW except that the speaker phone volume is too low when there’s background noise (e.g., while driving). I’m still playing with that.

Are you certain the USB cable is capable of data transfer. Some are only for charging.

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