Can't find downloaded files or how to delete them

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I recently added an app called video to mp3 converter because I was trying to find a way to convert some of my regular youtube video programs to mp3 or mp4 format so I can download them and listen to them when I’m on the subway. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of downloads that i never even knew were on my phone. But I can’t delete any of them thru that app. How do I locate what’s downloaded and how do I delete — without using the app. Also, how do I intentionally download and save to a particular download location, Thank you.

There appears to be many apps avail that are called “video to mp3 converter”, if you could either provide the Google Play link or the author of the app, then perhaps someone could test with you?

where do I find that information

From Google Play store where you found it, or you might try going into Google Play/:menu:-top left /My apps & games/INSTALLED (tab) then Sort by Last Updated … if opening the App doesn’t provide any further identification a screenshot would help track it down for you

If you tap the “Samsung” folder is there a Files or Downloads folder there?

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Why there most certainly is. Thank you. And I now know where I go to delete things. You are the best!!

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