Can't find list of blocked numbers

I can no longer locate the list of blocked numbers in the Republic app. Can someone tell me how to get to it?

Also, My S7 usually has a Bluetooth connection to my XLink adapter. When a call comes in from a blocked number the S7 does not ring but the handsets on my home phone system do. Should this be reported at a bug in the call blocking system?

Blocked numbers were never actually stored in the Republic app. The previous ability to add blocked numbers via the Republic app was merely a shortcut to the native Phone app’s facility. On a 2018 Galaxy J7 available to me, they’re found in the phone app at Menu (three dots upper right) -> Settings - > Block numbers.

Are the blocked numbers in question ones you believe Republic is blocking on the network or that you’ve blocked on the phone? The former shouldn’t reach your phone at all unless you’ve chosen to receive voicemails. If the latter, if it’s a bug said bug belongs to Samsung and/or XLink.


This was very helpful., thank you Roland. With respect to the second issue, when a spam call comes in I hang up and quickly tap on the option to block the number. That option only appears for a couple of seconds. The last call that rang on my home phone system but not on my S7 was from a number that does not appear on my phone’s list of blocked numbers so I’m guessing it is one that RW blocks. Is this a good guess?

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It’s certainly not an unreasonable one, however, in theory, any call blocked by Republic on the network shouldn’t actually reach the phone. In the Republic app’s spam call settings; are you blocking spam calls only or both spam calls and voicemails?

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Spam calls only.

In that case, I wonder if when Republic passes the spam call to voicemail that triggers the ring on the XLink extensions? I block both spam calls and voicemails, so that might be an option for you. Otherwise, I don’t have an XLink but do have an Obihai desk phone and/or Panasonic handsets I could bluetooth a Republic phone to in an attempt to recreate. I would first need to hunt down a number Republic is known to block at the network.

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I’m going to change that setting in the Republic app to Spam and Voicemails but it will probably be a few days before I get another Spam call.

I get the feeling there are two call blocking systems in play here, RW’s and Samsung’s. I can’t tell which one I’m invoking when I tap on the option to block a call. The two options I find are the one that appears for a couple of seconds when I hang up and one that appears in the details section of a recent calls listing.

Fair enough

You’re correct but this one is easy. Currently, there’s no way to manually add a number to Republic’s blocking on the network. Any number you’re adding to a block list is on the phone.

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You just put a big question mark over my head! If we can’t see RW’s list and we can’t add or delete numbers from it, where does the list come from?

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A partner that provides such services. I’m not saying this is the partner in question (because I don’t know) but TrueCNAM is one example. TrueCNAM powers the proactive spam blocking used by Callcentric (one of the VoIP providers I use).


I get it now, thanks a lot Roland. I’ll come back here if the ring issue persists.

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I had another one of those calls that didn’t ring the phone but did ring twice through Bluetooth. It was not in my list of blocked calls. A VM message (sounded like Spanish) was left.

I had failed to mention that all such calls ring through BT twice, no more, no less.

You mentioned changing the setting in the Republic app to block voicemails also. Have you had the chance to do so?

By this do you mean two rings, then silence? I’m preparing to attempt recreating but have not yet had an opportunity to try.


Yes. I can answer but the call has always ended.

Does this Republic app work with Moto G3? And is it any better than Call Blocker?

Amy B

I don’t believe the Republic app that works on the legacy models (including the G3) has this feature. I haven’t used Call Blocker. The Samsung call blocker works OK but two of the spammers keep changing numbers so my list of blocked numbers is getting fairly long.

In the past, when I hung up on a SPAM call, it popped up with a screen offering to put that number into the Blocked Numbers list. I do have a Blocked Numbers list showing on the 3 dots, with many previous entries. Now…I do not see the screen offering to put a new just-ended call into Block Numbers. How do I get that screen to re-appear on ending a SPAM call?

The blocking feature you referring to was Republic’s 1st attempt to assist in blocking Spam calls and it was just a improved interface of the native Android feature [you can still use the native feature by opening the dialer going to call history, tapping the number you want to block and there will be an block option.]
Republic removed it’s interface to make room for a Republic server base solution which can be enabled though the Republic app, the server solution still is not perfect and one can not add numbers to it but as many found just blocking numbers was not effective as the spammers where randomly changing the number they use from local area codes

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That answers my question, and is a very logical answer…thanks!

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Your welcome

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