Cant find the setting to send a text using voice when phone is locked

Hello all,

just switched from a Moto-X 1st gen to a Moto-Z Play. so far I am very happy with the newer phone. However I noticed that when I am using voice commands “OK Moto-Z” I cant make it send a text when the phone is locked. it tells me I have to unlock the phone first which sometimes not possible to do. I remember on my Moto-X I could unlock the phone with my pin using my voice, but I don’t see that setting on the Moto Z Play.

has the setting been removed? or maybe I just cant find it? if it has been removed, is there any way to send a text while the phone is locked?


How to use voice command from the lock screen on an Android Marshmallow phone - Phones - Android Smartphones

that did not help. thanks for the reply though

here’s the sequence:

I say “ok moto z” and google responds with the “i’m listening” beep

I say send a text to heather and I hear the beep that it recognizes and I see the screen start to look for “heather” but then I get a voice saying “Actually, I cant do that right now while the device is locked, please unlock the device to continue” and I have to manually unlock the device. on my old Moto-x I could call out my pin number one number at a time and the device would unlock and no that was not a third party app I installed. it was part of Moto software I believe

on my Moto X 2nd gen there a Speak PIN to unlock in the Moto App setting

{open Moto App, tap the gear icon in the upper right, go to Voice}

if using the Google Version of the feature the option will be in setting

{Setting, Language & input, Google voice typing, “Ok Google” detection, Trusted Voice}

Hi @michaelm.kdxf6l,

Go to the Moto app, click on the three stars (upper right corner), select Voice, Speak PIN to unlock (touch empty box to turn on feature). It sounds like you have already turned on Moto Voice.

in the moto app if I tap the three dots the only thing I get is “about” and yes I do have Moto Voice enabled

you are correct about the Moto X settings but that does not show on the Moto Z I also looked at trusted voice settings but the slider to enable it is greyed out in fact the whole description is greyed out and I cant seem to enable it

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