Can't get Apple Mail on Moto G3


I’m on a Moto G3, and am on the 1 GB data plan.

My Moto G3 recently stopped allowing me to send mail via my Apple account. I could receive mail. I deleted the account, now I can’t get it to work at all. I enter my Apple username, and the application-specific password that Apple generates for me, but then the system gets hung up, and I’m left with an endless Gmail “connecting” screen, that never connects. Any suggestions?


Don’t you want to use this app?


Hi @robertr.5uikh0,

I have Apple’s iCloud email working on multiple Republic phones. As a starting point, may I know what you’re entering for your username. Just the part after your user name. Is it, or


It shouldn’t be necessary, Gmail works just fine with Apple’s iCloud mail.


I have a address.


Thank you for the additional context! If you have a address, you’ve been an Apple user for some time. Me too!

Unfortunately, Gmail chokes on addresses. Fortunately, it’s easy to work around. Please try using your user name instead of with the application specific password provided by Apple.

Some background, originated when Apple branded its cloud services as .Mac. Then Apple rebranded .Mac as MobileMe and we gained addresses. Finally, Apple settled on iCloud and email addresses. Also, fortunately Apple had the foresight to map both and email addresses to email addresses. In other words, if your email address were, then goes to the same mailbox. You don’t need to tell others to stop sending email to you at, Apple takes care of and redirects everything sent to to in the background.


Thanks! My workaround was to use Outlook for the mail, but I’ll try this.

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