Can't get my Moto x4 to turn on past the blue Motorolo screen

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Issue Description

I picked up my phone this afternoon and it was stuck on the blue screen with the Motorola logo. It was on and working fine the last time I used it. My husband has been trying to get it to turn back on and we can’t get past the blue screen. This is what he’s tried (I’m just writing this down, I don’t really know what it means):
-hold power button down, which didn’t do anything
-opened in fastboot and shut down the phone
-restart from fastboot
-reboot from recovery mode
-restarted bootloader

Right now we’re just letting it die and seeing if it will turn on again after charging. What else should we try? I don’t have a ton of stuff on it, but I wanted to get my pictures off. It’s been having trouble for awhile (the screen scrambles, it freezes, can’t make phone calls or send text messages). Usually a restart fixes my issues except the screen continues to scramble periodically.

Hello @melissaj.nhbh7a
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I’m sorry to hear your Moto x4 is having trouble!

I would try the suggestions (in order), from the below link:

My hope is the “Fourth solution” (Wipe of the system cache), might get you back to the OS level where you can copy your photos off.
If you are successful, I would recommend the 5th step in the article and do a Factory refresh after you have everything you need off the phone.

I would also take a look and see if the pictures you’re looking for have been backed-up to Google Photos. You can check if you are logged in with the same account as your phone here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the help! It’s not a power issue. My phone is on; it’s just stuck on the blue screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to wipe the system cache in the recovery menu. It looks likes the only option I have left is to do a factory reset. I do use Google photos; I just don’t like that they compress the images (I make print photo books). I’ll have to get over it I suppose.

I don’t have a Moto X4 myself to compare what you see, and what the article instructs, so if you would like to hold off on the Factory Reset for another voice from the Community (maybe someone that has your phone model?) I would understand! :slight_smile:

I understand. I strongly suggest (if you don’t already) a local backup. That way you can have your photos full sized.

I would :heart_eyes_cat: to see some of them posted here in the Community challenges @southpaw has… if you would feel like sharing :slight_smile:

There is 2 options, upload at Original resolution (this uses your data storage limit of 15GB) or High Quality (unlimited storage at reduced resolution)

Try a force reboot?

  • Firstly, Press and hold the Power Key button for 10 to 20 seconds and that is enough for the device to reboot automatically.
  • If not, press the Power Key and the Volume Down button on the side panel for 30 to 40 seconds until the device vibrates and reboots again.

Is there a MicroSD card in the phone? Have you tried removing that and the SIM card and booting the phone? I have seen very rare times where a bad sd card has caused boot issues.

If it keeps booting to that system menu, then the phone has a serious software issue (or internal flash memory is failed or corrupted) and can not find or boot properly the OS.

I back up to my laptop and to an external hard drive. I just haven’t done it in a long time. I guess I’ve learned my lesson.

No SD card. I removed the SIM card and tried to reboot again. It just sits at the blue Moto screen. I’m giving up and getting a new phone today. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use the SIM card? From what I read on Republic, I should be able to put it in a new phone. We’re on the latest plan, and it’s a GSM SIM card. But I don’t want to do that if it’s corrupted or something.

The phone does not write to the SIM card, so it is not corrupted and can be moved to a new phone. If you order from Republic, it will come with a SIM card installed. If you buy one elsewhere, please take special care to make sure you get a phone that is compatible with Republic, but I see you’re on the right track there, in your other topic. BYOP - Do I have this right?

“here are a lot of possible reasons as to why a smartphone would suddenly refuse to power on. But generally, it’s either a software issue or faulty hardware.” (from droid guy)

Ya think? :slight_smile:

What a frustrating problem. I’ll be following along to see what you come up with.

Letting the battery die should be no different from removing the battery and re-installing.

The referenced article neglected to indicate the following:

Note : With the update to Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has removed the ability to clear the system cache from the partition. Instead, the system cache is cleared every time the phone is rebooted.

Reference: Can I Clear the System Cache on My Motorola Phone Running Android 8.1 Oreo or higher? – Republic Help

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Did you try the Factory Reset?

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Hi @melissaj.nhbh7a, were you able to get your phone working again?

Yes; I had to do a factory reset to get it to turn on again. I bought a new phone instead of setting it up again. I’ve had three Motorolas, all started having loads of problems around the one year mark. Trying Google this time.

I switched from Motorola to Google as well. I hope you enjoy your new phone!

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