Can't get on my saved wifi


I have been having some issues with my Moto G lately. Got the main issue fixed yesterday but after I did the steps RW asked me to do now i can’t connect to any of my saved WIFI’s. I only have data until the end of the month.



Ok, I’ll bite. What were the steps RW asked you to perform? That could have a lot to do with it.

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I had to reset the network connections. I can’t seem to find where to fix
the wifi part. Ant ideas? RW has been SUPER slow at responding…

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Hi @amyf.m5luhs,

Unfortunately, resetting Network settings also clears out saved WiFi locations. I’m afraid you’ll need to reconnect to those as if you were connecting to them for the first time.



I was trying all day to get it to connect and it finally did.

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