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Hello! I have an LGK30 (with a data plan) . I had to reset my phone (which solved the audio problem I had). Now when I get a text, it says “to access this message please install and open the Republic Wireless app.” So I go to the app store, and I can’t log in without two-factor authentication – which requires me to get a text. Which I can’t access – it’s a circular problem.

Any ideas?

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Hi @laurad.85hc25,

Post factory reset, you do indeed need to reinstall Republic’s mobile app on your LG K30. You can get that text from Google to get back into the Play Store by installing Republic Anywhere on a compatible device (computer or tablet as examples) other than the phone.

More on Anywhere is linked here:

Anywhere downloads for various devices are here:


It worked! Thank you so very much for your help! You’re the best…


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