Can't log in to phone

This is embarrassing, but I can’t log into my phone. I did have the fingerprint login, but I rebooted the phone and only a PIN will get me in. I don’t recall changing my PIN, and have tried all of the usual PINs that I use.

My question – if I get a new phone and put my Republic SIM card in, will it require the PIN? or do I need to get a new SIM card?

I’m due for a new phone soon anyway, so maybe this is the time.


The information from this recent post is also the same for you. You may need to do a factory reset if you can’t remember your pin.

Also check this republic wireless article

More about moving your current Sim in this Tips and Tricks post


So if i get a new phone (not from republic) can i move the old sim card? Or will it require the lost password?

Hi @nancym001,

If I’m understanding correctly, the lock you’re facing is not a lock on the SIM card, a screen lock, protecting your phone from use if it were lost.

When you get a new phone, if you try to move content that has been backed up by Google (old text messages, call history, apps and app data, saved WiFi networks) to the new phone, the new phone will require the same PIN before that data will be moved to it.

Whether or not you can move the SIM card has nothing to do with the screen lock. It has everything to do with what kind of SIM card is in the phone, and whether or not you buy a new phone that is compatible with Republic Wireless. So no, moving the SIM card will not require that screen PIN, but the Community cannot tell you whether or not your SIM card can be moved, because the Community does not know whether you have a GSM SIM card (which can be moved to a new, compatible phone) or a CDMA SIM card (which cannot.)

@grandbobby pointed you to information that will help you determine whether or not your SIM card can be moved. Unlike other participants here in our Member Community, I can look at your account and tell you whether the SIM card can be moved, but I’d need your permission to share this account-specific information publicly.

More to @grandbobby’s point, factory resetting your existing phone may restore your use of the phone (without having to buy a new phone in a crunch), but you’ll have to know how to sign in to the Google account on the phone in order to get past the PIN lock once the phone has been factory reset.

I will have to do a factory reset, as I am locked out.
My phone is a Motorola g5s plus
I looked at the various links, but none of them refer to this model of phone (other Moto models are mentioned).

The phone screen says that I have “7” more tries then it will be wiped. Should I do that?
Or is there a better method?
I’m searching online, but most methods assume that you can get to the “settings” menu, which I can’t.
I can get to the “find my device” via google, and can wipe the device from there.

What would be the best method?

Hi @nancym001, :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’ll need to do the factory reset but it should help you get back into your phone.

Please use these instructions for a external reset:

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I don’t have that model of Moto phone…mine doesn’t match the ones listed

The instructions are for 3.0 moto phones which is what you have.

Well, I did the hard reset.
I have to say, it went so much better than I thought! I had visions of me re-installing every app and logging in again.
I was amazed that once the reset was done, the apps started re-installing. I did have to log in, but that’s easy!
I had backed up my SMS and phone log, using SMS backup and restore app, and now my texts and phone logs are being restored. I have to change some settings, but overall this went well!

THANK YOU all for your help !!
In a weird way, I’m glad that this happened. I learned a lot !

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