Can't make calls out

when I try to make a call to anyone- it says thank you for calling republic wireless and has a long into.

again this is when I try calling my husband, mom, it says thanks for calling republic wireless.

I can text out

It helps if you provide more detail :slight_smile:
Which phone, which plan?
Does it only fail when calling Mom or Husband?
Does it fail on both WiFi & Cell?
Have you tried the call on WiFi from someplace lick McD’s or Starbucks
Is this a new failure, or has it always been this way?


Try this:

Go to the dialer, enter ##8647## and it should clear off the screen, if it doesn’t, hit the “call” button. Then, restart the phone. Does this solve the issue?

on @billg’s advice you will actually key in *#*#8647#*#*<-- CORRECTED (the forum editor ate the **)
To get things like this to render its necessary to bracket the sequence like this (lower case thingy to left of the 1 key) image


New problem

Motorola g5 plus

1gb plan

Only fails on cell network. If I call anyone on cell network It acts like I called republic wireless. I can use wifi home and work and get calls and make calls. Failure for the last 5 days. Was in Mexico week before.

I’m having a similar problem getting this same network message. Motorola g5 plus. I cant receive a phone call unless I’m getting wifi. I cant make calls. Tried to get driving directions- cant- keeps telling me no network available. cant call out- I can text and it goes through. I can call at work at home when wifi is available. My setting seem to set correctly. I have 1.0 Gb of data left. 15 days left of my choice plan.

You might open a Republic Wireless help ticket to see if there is a solution for better cellular reception in your area. Many Republic Wireless phones can be provisioned for either Sprint or T-Mobile cellular service. One of those may be better than the other in your area.

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do you think the towers are the problem. Ive had this phone for 6 months (no problems). Ive been with republic many years

also I just came back from Mexico on wed? would that be something?
on fri there was an update

If the phone previously worked and now has stopped, it is unlikely to be the coverage in your area. Can you share what model phone it is that is having this issue (model and generation if a Moto)?

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G5 plus

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When you walk outside, so you get any cellular bars? If so, can you try going outside, make sure you have at least 3 bars, and then restart your phone. Another step to take, after the first one, would be to connect to WiFi and then dial *#*#8647#*#*.

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