Can't make outgoing calls on S7 after new Sim card installed

RW sent me a new Sim card to supposedly improve my cell coverage in Colorado. I installed two days ago and ever since have not been able to make outgoing calls over cellular network. Incoming works fine (both WiFi and Cell), but outgoing only works on WiFi. I’ve tried every help topic posted on this site, in addition to what RW help instructed me to try - still doesn’t work. I even re-installed the Sim card to see if anything different and nada. Now I’m not even getting any other help/response to my open ticket! Anyone else have this issue? P.S. The automated message I get when trying dial out, over cell, is: “The number or code you have dialed is incorrect.”

Post your ticket number and we will try to get you some attention.

Ticket #1112599

Appreciate any help at all. Thank you!

Hi @patriciah.cr6k6t,

I’ll go ahead and ask staff to take another look at your ticket. Meanwhile, just in case you might have missed an email response, please check in here: Additionally, may we know when you last responded to your ticket and when the most recent response from staff occurred?

Hi @patriciah.cr6k6t,

I’m very sorry to see that your ticket has fallen silent for so long while you’ve been experiencing an issue that prevents you from making calls. One of our technicians is currently researching your situation and I’m confident you’ll have a reply shortly.

I last responded to my ticket today, 4/20, at 12:26pm MT. The last response I had from RW staff was on Tuesday, 4/18, at 11:15am MT.

Thank you.

Hi @patriciah.cr6k6t,

The agent who has been researching your situation tonight has been in a customer-support call for over an hour. You haven’t been forgotten.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. You have staff’s (which I am not) attention. You couldn’t be in better hands. I’m confident Republic will get this sorted for you.

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