Can't make/receive calls

What phone do you have? Moto G4

What plan are you on? Unlimited talk & text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

when someone calls in they receive a busy signal. when I try to call out I get a message saying “this account is not authorized to make calls to that number”. Problem is I get that message trying to call my wife who is also a Republic customer and someone I have naturally called thousands of times already. I am also wondering if I factory reset will I lose my texts?

Hi @janinem.nbcy90 and welcome to the Community!

Unless backed up you would lose text messages if you factory reset your phone. Please hold off on doing so and see if Republic’s guidance linked here helps:


Hi @janinem.nbcy90,

Have you been able to get calling restored with the information @rolandh sent?

I have thank you so much. My husband doesn’t use a computer and didn’t really know he had an email. So when Republic sent a message the credit card expiration needed to be updated he didn’t get it. We figured it out eventually. LOL. I’ve told him if I go first to call our girls or he will be left literally in the dark and cold. Thank you for checking back.

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