Can't migrate moto e2 to moto g4

How to transfer everything (especially phone numbers) from old moto e2 to moto g4. Motorolla Migrate does not work with newer OS. 3rd party apps that I’ve seen recommended thru google play are not available to US customers.

I would like to not have to put all my numbers in by hand.

and it might be nice if my pics transferred to

If you logged into your new phone with the same Gmail address used on your old phone your contacts should have been automatically synced to the new phone. Your Gmail (Google) contacts are here:

The country problem you are experiencing has to be fixed in the Play Store. Do you have a foreign credit card or is the country wrong in you credit card entry?

Use the Google photos app to sync Photos and Videos

You can use third party apps such as

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

for SMS messages

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