Can't move between screens on Moto XPure phone

What phone do you have? Motot X Pure
What plan are you on? My choice talk and text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text, unless connected to WiFI

Issue Description

Phone won’t move between screens. The shapes (triangle, circle and square) on the bottom bar of the screen don’t work. Have to turn phone on and off to move from one app screen to the home screen to change apps. This started yesterday.


Try clearing out the application cache and system cache and see if that helps:

Edit: Also did you just recently added a screen protector or case? Those can cause issues if not designed/installed properly.


have you tried Safe Mode – Republic Help to see if an app is misbehaving


Thanks, my daughter and phone are in another state so we’re slowly working through it ~ I’ll update as these different things are tried.


While we haven’t found a solution to the problem I learned a cause- the phone was dropped in water a week ago. SO, there probably won’t be a fix other than to replace the phone. Thanks everyone for your help~


That may be the cause.

If you want to double check the screen, you can find and run hardware tests within the Motorola Help app. There is a test where you can see if the touchscreen is working anywhere on the screen.


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