Can't move data to a SD card


Hi - I have a moto G 3 and my 60GB SD card is considered ‘internal’ and has 52GB free, but every time I try migrate anything over there, I get an error message that there isn’t enough space available … i’m baffled. I know some apps can’t be moved, but even the ones that provide that as an option to clear up space on my internal storage, it gives me the same error.

I did try restarting … any other thoughts?



The Moto G3 specifications state that you can only use it with SD cards up to 32GB

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Thanks - totally didn’t see that when i ordered my SD card! I wonder why it allowed me to install it in the first place? But that is neither here nor there. I obviously need to follow the rules!

I appreciate you pointing that out for me!



Wait! I don’t think that’s it. When mounted as internal storage, there’s nothing to move. The phone sees the 52GB as one block so IT decides where to store things, not you. If you’re seeing the space available in one storage block, there’s nothing for you to do but use it.

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