Can't open my pics in my camera folder

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I have a MotoG5+ and am on the My Choice + 1 G plan. I just developed a problem-- when I try to view a picture in my camera folder, I can’t! I get the msg: ‘Invalid value for registry’. Why is this happening all of a sudden and how can I get to view my pics in the camera folder? I wonder if an update messed things up.

Hi @sheilas.ega8ag

Are you trying to open them through the Gallery app (Albums/Camera, a File manager app, on a PC via USB cable,something else?.

Just curious, haven’t seen this one before.

Assuming this occurs when trying to open a photo on a computer with Windows 10, you might take a look at:

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I tap the Google Photos app on my MotoG5+ phone.

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I tap the Google Photos app on my MotoG5+ phone. I wonder if an update messed it up. Maybe another update will fix it.

Hi again @sheilas.ega8ag, strange.

The only thing I can find online that describes the error message you are seeing seems to involve Windows 10.

Have you set up a Remote Desktop connection on the G5+ by chance?.

Have you tried safe mode to make sure another app is not interfering. Photos will work in safe mode. You can also do clearing the cache. Be sure you are syncing the photos to your Google (Gmail) account.


Yes, I connected my phone to my laptop and so that I can copy over my photos to my laptop. Once they are copied over and I click on them, I get this msg. I can see the pics in thumbnail style but can’t click and open them. When they are copied to my external hard drive, I can’t open them there either. Also the same thing happens if I click on on moto5,g+ icon on my laptop-- I can’t open the photos and get this msg.

Hi @sheilas.ega8ag,

Let me make sure we’re understanding and troubleshooting the right thing.

When the phone is not attached to the computer can you view them on the phone?

If so, then could you try copying the photos to a brand new folder on the computer, but this time, let us know, step-by-step what you’re doing. The Community might be able to catch what’s causing the problem if we can follow along closely.

Another option would be to let Google Photos sync your images, then from the computer sign into and download them to the computer from there.
(Be careful, if you delete photos from the phone or from Google Photos, they are deleted in both places.)

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