Can't pair Moto G5Plus with new car

I just got a new car and am having trouble getting my Moto G5Plus to pair with the car. Have downloaded Android Auto to my phone turned on bluetooth on my phone and car but car won’t recognize or detect the phone. Ideas anyone? Car is Buick Encore GX.

Hi @donaldm.drifln have you looked at the pairing guide from Buick?

Maybe another Member who has a Buick can help too :slight_smile:

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I’m following the onscreen pairing instructions from the Infotainment center. I like my phone a lot but it is old and I’m wondering if I’ll need to get a new phone. It says unplug the device and replug but pair still does not happen. It says no devices found.

Hi @donaldm.drifln,

You’re using a cable? Are you sure this is a data sync cable and not a charging cable only?

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Yes, I use the cable when transferring photos from my camera to my computer. But the cable should have nothing to do with the bluetooth not pairing. The app I installed on the phone did not come from the car but does work with the car once it’s installed. The car does not have a stand alone gps installed but you can use the app with the car and the screen will be displayed on the car’s infotainment screen just as if it was installed on the car itself.

I thought the same thing, but since you were reporting that something (“it”) says to unplug and replug, I thought it might be worth checking.

You mentioned you have Bluetooth turned on. Do you have it “discoverable” when the car is searching?

Have not seen anything such as discoverable on the phone or the car. Just on and pair. It also says no available devices.

While that’s normally true I can tell you that on cars with Android Auto the cable does make a difference in pairing because the pairing doesn’t take place the same way it traditionally does as Android Auto handles it all in the background. The Android Auto subreddit is filled with discussions of pairing problems and cables. That said, I have NO idea if things work the same way with whatever app this is, but swapping cables is a pretty easy thing to try.

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Thanks, I will look into that. It is Android Auto that’s a distinct possibility.

Android Auto is INCREDIBLY picky about cables. In my car I go through a cable every 60-90 days. The cable after leaving the car works perfectly with my computer, but won’t work for Android Auto. I don’t know what it is, but it is a common common complaint about AA.

Edited to add: With Android Auto there is no traditional bluetooth pairing process. After connecting the phone for the first time, by cable, you should get a message on the car screen which says something like “When safe, complete the set-up on your device.” You’ll then have to give the AA App on your phone a bunch of permissions and accept the agreement granting Google full rights to your soul. Once you’ve done that, AA should pair the bluetooth automatically in the background and then just pop-up on your display.


Thanks. Taking all that into consideration.

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I don’t have any particulars about a Buick system, but have fought a bit to have my Moto G5 Plus coordinate with the FCA / Chrysler Uconnect system. Since going through the steps to permit Google-Android know and sell everything they find the PHONE link via Bluetooth seems to work very well. But to have other Android Auto functions (most important: Waze) requires that BEFORE letting the phone and vehicle link up via Bluetooth OR USB cable I must have 1) Bluetooth turned on for the phone, 2) GPS active on the phone, and 3) Waze already running. Then it works. Several attempts to find any knowledgeable support for the Uconnect system provided only frustration. But if I use that sequence, it CAN work.

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Thank you very much. I’m learning more and latest is that I have to have Android Marshmellow and up for it to work and a High quality usb cable. I don’t know how to tell which Android version I have? Fairly inexperienced with cell phones. Thanks

Hi @donaldm.drifln,

Your Moto G5 Plus is running Android 8 Oreo. Marshmallow is Android 6, so you’re good there.

Thanks, I’m getting a new cable tomorrow to see if that is my problem. I appreciate everybodies’ help that has responded.

Same problem with Nissan. I don’t think it’s your car, it’s Motorola phone.
Before you start the car connect phone to USB port in car
Also, select automatic Android Auto Connect in settings on phone
and as someone else said, if doesn’t connect unplug and replug in USB if necessary.

The best thing I did was turn in my Motorola and bought a Samsung phone… guess what
no problem … immediately connects to Android Auto .

I really don’t think it is Motorola. More likely related to the age of the phone. We have a Moto Stylus, Moto Power and Moto One Action in the family and they all work perfectly with Android Auto.

I’m beginning to wonder If I need to get a new phone as well. Trouble is I really like my phone and didn’t want to change it but I may have too. Someone suggested a new cable and I have one ordered but has not come it yet. Thanks to all who responded and will try to post back what happens.

I have a Buick and a Moto G5 Plus and use Android Auto Connect. I found instructions on the internet for my Buick, I think, It’s been a while, 2018 Encore. I have a GPS in the car so your system is different. Have you checked back with your dealer for help?

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Yes, I have and they sent a video but it was only things I’ve already tried.

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