Can't place a call (with my Moto E4)


Tried to place a phone call today. Kept getting error msgs about no cellular network. I was in downtown Columbus IN. My son sitting next to me with a iPhone had no problems doing it.


Can you tell us what phone model you are using?


Moto e4


Try the steps listed here:


How do i know what system i have ? kitkat or other


The Moto E4 has 7.1 Nougat Android OS


Thanks. Is that a place on the phone to see that?

I assume I have fixed the calling problem. Won’t know for sure until I am out again.

The 7.1 Nougat does not appear on the “How to VOIP” so I just used the first solution.

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So your phone is up and running again? The instructions work on Nougat, as you discovered.


I could always place a call when at home, I suppose because i am on WiFi… I will test it next time i am out. Thanks.

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If you temporarily turn WiFi off on your phone, you can test right now. With WiFi off, any call would be routed over cell.


Turned WiFi off and successfully placed a call. Thanks for your help.

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