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I see how people in my group chats will react to texts by liking or laughing a them. And I looked up how you should be able to long-press on a text to get a dialog where you pick a reaction to assign to it. But I cannot activate that dialog box and neither can my wife on her phone. What gives?

When others react to a message, I see it as a new message, rather than an icon added to the message they reacted to.

I’m using the Google Message app on the phone and Republic Anywhere on my desktop. My wife just uses Google Message. The Message app appears to be up to date (v 7.2.204). Is this functionality that Republic doesn’t support?

Hi @hello_my_cell_gods and welcome to the Community!

The feature you reference is part of something called Rich Communication Services (RCS):

Republic does not officially support RCS:

Despite, Republic’s lack of official support, one may turn RCS Chat features on. Sometimes, but not always, doing so works. Specifically, your correspondents may see your text messages as coming from a number other than yours.

Even if one turns on RCS chat features and they work, one will not always have the option you’re inquiring about. For that to work, both ends of the conversation must be using Google Messages or another RCS enabled messaging app and the carriers for both ends of the conversation must support (officially or unofficially) the exchange of RCS messages. Republic Anywhere does not work with RCS.

Further, if corresponding with folks using Apple iPhones, one will not be able to use any RCS features. There is no RCS enabled messaging app for iPhones. Apple does offer similar features with its proprietary iMessage, however, iMessage works only with iPhones.

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Gotcha! Ok, I turned off chat features and will just live with not having RCS.

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