Can't receive calls or texts from RW after transferring number from RW


What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? Just switched to Mint

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? N/A

Issue Description

Today, I transferred my number successfully from RW to Mint Mobile. My wife is still with Republic Wireless. I can call and text her. I don’t receive her calls or texts. When she calls me, it goes directly to voicemail and using my RW voicemail greeting.

I checked with my coworker who is on Verizon and he can call and text me. So it seems to be a problem with RW phones (although my sample size is small).

I’m wondering if it has to do with the “72-hour window before your number transfer will complete” as stated here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

The logical solution would be to use my RW account page to cancel the service on my line but the same link says not to cancel service in this 72 hour period.

I’m I just stuck not being able to hear from my wife for 72 hours? Or, is this a different issue?


The 72 hour window is based on two carriers having to make changes to their routing tables etc and then for these changes to be propagated out to the various servers in the networks. I would suggest waiting as recommended, and then if the problem still exists than I would reach out to Mint Mobile


Hi @kellystreet,

It’s the 72 hour issue you reference. Though often presented as being like switching a light on or off that’s not really how number transfers (ports) work. It’s more of a rolling process and yours remains in process. Your best bet is to simply wait it out as it generally self-resolves within 72 business hours (it may be less than that).

Under no circumstances, do you want to manually cancel Republic service. Doing so, is likely to mess up completion of your port and potentially risks loss of the phone number in question.


I wonder if your wife resets her republic connections in the RW app, if that might help in this case


From experience with both MM and RW you will likely have full use of your Mint line by the end of the day.



This resolved itself in one day.

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