Can't receive incoming calls


I can’t receive incoming calls. Callers get a busy signal. I can call out and send and receive text.

It is a Moto 4G, My Choice Plan with 1 G of data.

I don’t know when it started


Sorry your inquiry appears to have sit much longer than normal.
I would suggest that you Start in the Troubleshooting section of Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help
This will provide some necessary testing and methods to reset your phone to the RW Servers.
If this doesn’t get you going:

  • Is the failure on WiFi, Cell or Both?
  • Does the failure happen all the time, or only after the phone has been idle for > 1 hour?


Thank you. I submitted a help ticket and Republic quickly resolved the issue on their end.

In answer to your questions: a) yes the failure was on both; and b) it happened all the time.

Again, thanks.


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