Can't receive text with my moto g 1st. gen

Can’t receive text with my moto g 1st. gen.

Hi @jeromeh

Please review the troubleshooting steps outlined in this document.

Let us know if that helps or you would like more assistance.

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Nothing there seems to be whats happening here.

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Then you’ll need to provide some additional details about what’s happening so we can figure out how to help.

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Everything is working with my phone, ( Moto G 1st. Gen.) i can send text, but can’t receive text, also no notification that I receive any. I don’t know but i was changing things around in my my Assist App everything there I think looks fine??

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Also no Message Icon on the my top of my home screen.???

Hi again @jeromeh

May I inquire as to which texting application you are using?

It says Messaging it came with the phone. It’s a small green icon rectangular with 3 horizontal lines.

Great, thanks for the feedback @jeromeh

Try this one and see if it resolves the issues you are experiencing…


Do I need to delete the old app first?

Not necessarily, you can open the new app and it may prompt you to choose, but if not, delete or disable the old.

Google Messenger was a default app, they upgraded it to this, so not a big change, just an update.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will give it a try and let you know how it comes out.:slight_smile:

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I just installed the new message program and it’ll send text but not receive.:confused:

OK, @jeromeh

Please open a support request here

Thank you for all your time i thought this was. I’ll try and find it.:hand_splayed:

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